long ink stain background with app title in white
  • Role: UI Design
  • Project scale: 3 days
  • Produced for: Career Foundry UI Course


QuickNotes is a minimally designed app for note taking. Flat navigation and multi-media support make this the simple, intuitive, and flexible note taking tool you need.

long ink stain background

Color Palette

color stripe black


color stripe dark gray


color stripe red


color stripe medium gray


color stripe light gray



Candara Regular 15

Candara Regular 17

Candara Regular 24

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All In One Note-Taking

Voice, image, text.
However you take notes, we've got you covered.
This is central command for your thoughts.

Easy to record, easy to find.
No complicated interfaces.

mockup of quicknotes main page with list of filtered notes
mockup of quicknotes main page with list of unfiltered notes

Filter and Sort

Pull down the top tab to filter down your notes. Target specific input types, or filter by user-assigned labels. Use as many or as few filtering parameters as you need.

mockup of quicknotes top filter menu

Pull up from the bottom to sort your notes. Sort alphabetically or chronologically by edit date.

mockup of quicknotes bottom sort menu

Notes In All Forms

Simple text entry.

Insert media files from your phone, the cloud,
or web directly into your note.

Add labels for easy sorting.

Note taking at its most flexible.

mockup of quicknotes note input screen